Mum & Dad are moving


When Dad married Mum they had their house in Booval built. Over the years the house has seen numerous extensions and upgrades, as well as being the place that all 3 of my sisters, my brother and I grew-up in and re-visited for many a family gathering.

I know that the place has seen its fair share of parties held by us “kids” whilst Mum and Dad have been away… and now they’re selling-up to move into a retirement estate.

The place they’re moving to is pretty impressive – it’s got a pool, BBQ area, a large community hall that seats something like 200 people with a big-screen TV, a lawn bowls green and a mini putt-putt course. If you didn’t have to be over 55 to move in there, I’d sign-up tomorrow!


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  1. yes my parents are thinking of doing the same thing – no more family home….they have been living in the same house for 32 years.

    Gosh i think kristy and you need to buy a lotto ticket after that crash! I’ve hit a rabbit before and that was bad enough! Give her my best wishes for a fast recovery.

    Go the melbourne Storm!

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