I’m baaacckkkk


The last 8 weeks have been the busiest, most stressful, most eventful and most fulfilling 8 weeks I think I’ve ever been through.

In this time, Kristy and I have booked an overseas holiday to go and visit Con, Gerard and Chris in the UK (as well as spending some time sight-seeing in France and Italy).

We hired a new staff member for my web hosting company which was exciting until it got to the point where she had made so many little mistakes that, when combined caused some fairly significant accounting issues that we really had no choice but to let her go. Part of me wishes I could have said “Step into my office… because you’re f*cking fired” (to quote the crazy hitch-hiker from There’s something about Mary), but no… it is actually quite painful firing someone when you know they’ve tried their hardest, but unfortunately didn’t quite manage to get it right time and time again.

Kristy also tore the ligaments in her knee at dancing and has spent the last 6 weeks hobbling around and going to physio to repair the damage. It’s mending nicely, but she’s been in quite a bit of pain and has shown a tremendous amount of perseverance, determination and will-power to do as much as she has with everything else that’s been going on at the same time – truly admirable stuff!

In the middle of all this (and what’s to follow), I had to go down to Sydney for a few days for a search engine optimisation conference/expo which was brilliant and I’ll talk about that a bit more on my SEO Blog.

But the biggest news is that Kristy and I bought a house… our very first home sweet home! We took some pics of the new house prior to moving-in, but they don’t really do the place justice – the rooms are a lot bigger than they look in the photos.

Buying a house was a lot harder and far more stressful than we ever anticipated.

It all began when we were out-and-about one day and saw a sign saying there was an ‘open house’ around the corner from where we were renting. We thought that we’d check it out for shits-and-giggles and as it turns-out the place was really nice. It was (roughly) an 80-year-old workers cottage that had been substantially renovated and refurbished by an owner-builder. It had new wiring, new carpet, new paint job, new guttering, new light fittings and ceiling fans, polished-wood floors throughout the main living areas, a nice-sized refurbished kitchen, two large main bedrooms with two smaller bedrooms towards the front of the house (one of which we’re using as an office and the other as a spare room), new plumbing and a nice sized back yard (not too big to maintain, but not tiny either).

The place was perfect because everything was done for us. This was especially good for me because let’s face it – I wouldn’t know which end of a hammer you use to hit a nail with (not to mention the endless damage I would cause if I actually owned a proper set of tools).

So we thought about it and then had a chat with Kristy’s friend Trish who works at a bank for advice on whether she thought we’d qualify for a home loan… and we decided we’d put an offer in. After all, we thought if we made the offer subject to finance, building and pest inspection, then if anything didn’t check-out we’d walk away.

Well, it wasn’t quite as simple as that.

I won’t go into all the nasty details or mention names, but the person organising our finance was simply useless. She misquoted information, advised things were done when they weren’t which meant we needed to request our contract be extended and ultimately instilled absolutely no sense of confidence in us throughout the whole process. Needless to say, this caused far more stress than we would have liked when making the largest purchase of our lives.

Despite the stress, it all worked-out in the end… which then started the next roller-coaster ride of moving and cleaning-out our old place. This spanned a couple of weeks and ended-up being painful, riddled with little issues and far more costly costly than expected, but like everything else, it’s (just about) all sorted now and everything is slowly getting back to normal. Sure I’m sore and constantly tired from arranging furniture, putting together Ikea wardrobes and book cases and unpacking a never-ending pile of boxes, but it really is well worth it in the end – I couldn’t be more excited and proud to be a home owner and honestly didn’t expect this to have happened as quickly as it did.

So that’s my long-winded excuse for why I haven’t blogged for the last few weeks.

But I’m baaaccckk … and you can start to expect some more frequent updates from now on.


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