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Kristy took some pics with our digital camera yesterday and when we went to view them we discovered there were a few pics from Christmas that we hadn’t downloaded… so here they are…

Con More Guns Con's Guns

The pics above are of Con enjoying his “Welcome Back To Australia Giftpack” that we got him for Christmas – it consisted of some thongs (with the Aussie flag on them), an Aussie floppy hat, some zinc cream, a sand-bucket, some floaties and a XXXX stubbie.

The pics below are of Caleb in his Ninja suit – when he grows-up he wants to be a ninja, so Kristy got him a ninja suit for Christmas…

Caleb Ninja 3 Caleb Ninja 2 Caleb Ninja 1


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  1. Hey Pete!! Lovely photo of Caleb, I’ve actually saved it!!!!! Tell Kristy and Caleb I said hi! 🙂

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