Christmas Festivities


Merry Christmas Everyone! (or if I were to be more politically correct I should wish everyone a very merry non-denominational holiday season).

The last few days have been fairly busy (as I’m sure is the case for nearly everyone) – we started our festivities on Christmas Eve. I knocked-off work at around lunch-time and Kristy’s Dad and his family came around to our place for lunch.

After spending the afternoon chatting with them, we had planned on joining my folks for the Christmas Church service that evening, but the mass was later than usual and Caleb was pretty tired, so we ended-up grabbing a bite to eat, looked at some lights and had an early night.

On Christmas morning, Kristy’s mum joined us for breakfast – we opened some pressies and then headed over to my folks place for lunch with the rest of my family. It was a bit quieter this year as the family were a little scattered (Karen and family being over in New Zealand, Brett and Lyndal were spending Christmas with Lyndal’s family, Annaka and Max were with their Dad etc. etc.).

Even though the whole family weren’t there, as always it was still a really fun day. After lunch, some of the kids went for a swim whilst the adults played lawn bowls.

Later in the evening Brett and Lyndal joined the remaining family for dinner and then after nearly everyone else had gone home, Dad, Cameron and I partook in the annual Christmas Scotch drinking tradition whilst watching a DVD of all the photo’s from Mum and Dad’s recent New Zealand trip.

Boxing-day was spent recovering from the day before, playing with some of Caleb’s toys and generally relaxing. In the afternoon we took Caleb out to practice riding his new bike (which he got for Christmas)… he’s never ridden a bicycle without training wheels before and although he still needs a hell of a lot more practice, he did really well.

The following day (yesterday) we spent the day with Caleb’s Grandparents, his biological father and the rest of their family.

Today was back to work for me (although in between the various family functions I still kept an eye on emails) and tonight we’re heading-out to an Indian restaurant at Paddington called Indus.

The plans for New Years are still a bit vague but the weekend after that we’ll be spending it in a cabin in the Bunya Mountains with my family.

I’m looking forward to having a break where we don’t have to do anything for a few days!


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