Car batteries, BBQ’s and Casino lunches


Over the past couple of weeks, my car has been a little bit like a mobile phone, or more accurately a life-size remote control vehicle – it works for 24 hours, but then you need to recharge it’s battery.

A couple of weeks ago my car mysteriously wouldn’t start. Kristy gave me a jump start, I took the car for a long drive to recharge the battery and all seemed good again… for a week. Then over the weekend I didn’t drive around much only to discover my car wouldn’t start again on the Sunday. So later that evening, we did the jump-start thing again, I drove around for a couple of hours and all was good again… until this weekend. I sensed a pattern. So my car’s battery could hold a charge for about 24 hours, but if left undriven any longer, it’d die.

To indicate how much I know about the mechanics of a vehicle, it dawned on me this-morning that car batteries usually have water in them, so I open the little screw things on top of the battery to discover it’s as dry as Victoria… when really it should have been as wet as Cairns.

After consulting with my friend and business partner Glen (who knows considerably more about cars than I do) he informs me that since it’s been dry for this long, the batter is most likely screwed, so until I get the time to get the car into a mechanic to replace the battery, it looks like my daily tasks will now be – recharge phone, recharge laptop, recharge mp3 player, recharge car…

I don’t know if there was anything particularly exciting that was happening 9 months ago, or if it was just a really boring month, but there seems to be a lot of birthday’s around the month of February (mine being one of them).

Over the weekend I helped celebrate two of them – my Mum’s and Vicky’s (and sorta my sister-in-law Lyndal’s too as hers was only a week ago). For Vicky’s birthday, she had a small group of family and friends over for a BBQ. As things were quietening down, we decided to head-home, but put the offer-out to anyone if they wanted to come back to ours for a few evening drinks. Skye and Scotty accepted.

Other than the drinking, the highlight of the evening was their sushi machine that they bought along to demonstrate. It basically looks like a slightly larger version of a bike pump. You open the cylinder and line the sides with rice and then place your chosen ingredients down the middle. Seal it up, which makes the rice form a nice tube while compacting it all together… then you take the bike-pump handle and squeeze the rice log onto your seaweed… roll it up and slice. Presto – a perfect sushi roll without having to stuff around with bamboo mats and getting rice stuck everywhere.

What makes the experience even more fun is when you try and do this after a few drinks.

While we were drinking and making sushi, Caleb was at a sleepover birthday party at one of his friend’s places. When Kristy picked him up in the morning, he had done me proud… it was a games night, so he and a few of the lads made it their business to stay-up all night playing computer games.

At breakfast, Caleb was adamant he wasn’t tired as he kept drifting-off between each bite of his eggs.

After breaky, I went into the city to help my Mum celebrate her birthday. My folks headed into South Bank to have a ride on the newish Ferris Wheel. Not sure if it has a proper title, but it’s sorta been dubbed the Brisbane Eye… and like Brisbane, it’s not very big – but like they say, it’s not the size of your Ferris wheel that matters it’s the size of your… um… not sure how that should finish, but I think I should stop now before I take my Mum’s birthday from the Ferris wheel to the gutter.

After the ride, we all (as in my siblings) met up with Mum and Dad for a buffet lunch at the Casino. Only place where you can get a nice smorgasbord with all you can eat at a fairly reasonable price and then finish the meal off with a game of blackjack.

So that was my weekend… next weekend is valentine’s day and to quote something geeky I saw online:

Ladies love techie romantics… cause we give ’em what they like. E-cards, E-mails and public forum posts saying ‘I lubb U Baby, XOXO, @}–,— x 12’

Then a couple of days later it’s my birthday… and Glen’s, then Caleb’s birthday which also coincides with my nieces and probably a whole bunch more that my sieve-like mind can’t think of right now.


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