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A couple of weeks ago it was my sister’s birthday and to celebrate she had a Boat That Rocked themed party. I must admit that I personally quite enjoyed the movie, but I’m not certain as to why she decided to choose this as her way to celebrate such a milestone in her life. So I thought I would do some research.

Turns-out that despite a fairly good rating on the Internet Movie Database, the critics were not so nice, claiming the movie had a muddled storyline and went for too long. While my Mum’s stories often fit this description, I’m not sure how that applies to my sister. So I did some further reading and found that despite being quite funny, financially the movie wasn’t very viable. Now, that description sounds more like me than my sister.

Then I read one of the taglines for the movie – “They rocked. They rolled. Then they sank.” Now this is starting to sound a bit closer to the mark ­čÖé

Whatever the reasons she chose this particular theme, it wouldn’t have made a difference as I love my sister and I love a good themed party. Although unless everyone participates, themed parties can sometimes end-up being a bit of a flop. Perhaps my sister simply has amazingly adventurous friends or maybe we all felt a sense of responsibility to get involved because it was her 50th, but regardless, it was a great night and everyone got on board (pun intended).

I wore a purple velvet jacket, a very cool paisley shirt, red scarf, tightish black mod jeans and a pair of brown square toed shoes. I didn’t have enough hair to sport a do like Noel Fielding or Russell Brand, so instead, I went slick and ended-up looking more like a ‘before’ shot from Beauty and the Geek. I thought my look was quite Mod 60’s Chic (as in stylish… not ‘chic’ like an Austin Powers’ Go-Go Dancer), however someone then commented that I didn’t look like I was actually in costume at all. What I would have liked to interpret from that is that all good fashion trends tend to repeat themselves and my sophisticated 60’s styling was so cool that I should have been drinking Chandon with Justin Timberlake and Kanye West instead of being at a house party in Brisbane. But somehow I don’t think that’s exactly what they meant.

When we arrived at the party, we were greeted by my brother-in-law who looked a little disheveled wearing a trench coat and a beanie and the first thing that crossed my mind was that he must have forgotten my sisters birthday and as a result, he’s been rendered homeless. But I then realised that wasn’t the case and instead, he was simply in character as a ship hand.

From the front gate, all the way through the house, everything was themed appropriately with a combination of nautical and 60’s elements, with the sound of 60’s songs playing, a mirror ball and even food from the era was being served.

I no sooner sat down to my first drink and the lights in the room seemed to dim, almost as if something had just blocked the sun and the moon at the same time. There in front of me was what appeared to be the silhouette of a cow that had unsuccessfully tried to eat a sheep and couldn’t keep it down.

Once my brain had managed to figure-out what was actually going on, and the shape stepped into (or more accurately, out of) the light, I realised it was my brother in an authentic 60’s suede pimp trench coat with an enormous woolen collar. I still can’t quite decide if it is one of the most fabulous jackets I’ve ever seen or if it should make me throw-up in my mouth… or a combination of both at the same time.

Another example of the extreme participation was by a guest that had platform shoes that would have allowed a midget to see eye-to-eye with Magic Johnson. Seriously, these shoes would have made Gene Simmons look like a pussy. When I was talking with her later in the evening, she said that her daughter had purchased the shoes at a celebrity auction in the UK a few years ago. They were originally used on the set of Life On Mars and were purchased as a novelty item that she never expected to ever use. Since that initial purchase, those shoes have come-out at every fancy dress party that her and her daughter have been to. I believe my brother’s jacket, although no celebrity association (as far as I’m aware) has also experienced a similar party life.

The other highlight of the evening, for my sister, was finally acquiring a piece of wood that most closely resembles Gandalf’s staff. A few years ago my brother-in-law and a few of their close friends started a unique tradition. Since they were all starting to approach the 50-year milestone, they thought they needed something symbolic to mark the occasion. So they selected a wooden staff to be the item that would be engraved and passed around when each member of the group turned turned 50. My sister was the last in the group to receive the engraved piece of wood and now it’ll be up to her to hold onto it and when the first of their kids hits 50, it’ll be passed onto them. In the meantime, my sister will have plenty of time to practice saying “Go back to the shadow. You shall not pass!” and I think I might just append the title of “the Grey” to my sister’s name. I’m sure she’ll love that ­čÖé


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