A weekend of brief catch-ups


I was hoping to get into the city (where all our servers are) and upgrade the RAM in a couple of the machines as they’ve been getting busier and busier as things continue to grow… but the RAM didn’t turn-up on time, so I ended-up staying at home, pottering around the house and watching movies.

It’s a good thing I did as I had a couple of unexpected (and a couple of expected) visitors over the weekend.

My sister (Karen) who has been living over in New Zealand for the last couple of years has just moved back as her husband scored a job at a school at the Gold Coast. I believe they’ve been thinking of moving back for a little-while, but the timing was never quite right until now. Over the last week they’ve been house-hunting, purchasing a car and everything else that comes with an international move. On the weekend my folks were helping-out with the babysitting Karen and Ged’s daughter Caitlin and Dad thought she might like to come-over and meet George.

George loves all kids… scratch that, he just loves any attention he gets, and Caitlin is an adorable little thing so it was quite fun watching them play.

As they were heading-off my old work-buddy Cameron popped over. With the Christmas rush, I haven’t caught-up with him in ages, so it was good to have a chat. He’s been managing the IT services of a local car yard and gets to ‘borrow’ cars from the lot. On this occasion he had a new Subaru Impreza WRX and when we went for a drive – that thing is an absolute beast!

When I told Kristy I wanted one, she pointed-out that if I had one, I’d lose my license within a week and if I didn’t it’d only take another week or two before it was written-off. And I couldn’t argue with that.

On Sunday my brother and sister-in-law (Brett & Lyndal) came over for lunch. We saw them at Christmas, but as they were the hosts for last-years family Christmas get-together (that consisted of 25 people), we only really had a brief time to catch-up with them as there was so much happening, so it was good to have a proper catch-up.

I’m not sure how the topic came-up, but we started talking about Nintendo Wii’s. As Lyndal is a yoga instructor, she was interested in the yoga component of the Wii Fit, so we pulled ours out and had a play. Needless to say she was pretty impressed and is now looking into getting one.

After they left, Kristy and I spent the afternoon playing Wii Fit. By the end of it I was buggered and had discovered a few things – I have even worse ballance than I originally thought and when doing the hula-hoop exercise, I look a bit like Mr. Bean dancing.

Sunday night Kristy and I went out for dinner and as we felt like a good steak we decided to head to The Oxley Hotel aka The Ox. While it’s certainly not gormet dining, their steaks are good, the decor is nice, the staff and service are really friendly and the place has a good atmosphere.

Came home and watched another movie, dicked around on the net and went to bed. Overall, a great weekend of catch-ups, movies, Wii and steak… mmm steak.


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