Spam makes me laugh sometimes


While most of us find spam annoying – I (sometimes) find it fascinating… only sometimes though.

It obviously works to some extent (or at least enough to keep doing it) yet I’ve never met anyone who admits to positively responding to, or making a purchase as a result of spam.

You’ll also be hard-pressed to find another industry that has whole departments of people employed at ISPs, Hosting Providers, Government Agencies and Specialised Private Corporations with the sole purpose of stopping you from doing what you’re paid to do.

Meaning that if you’re a spammer, you need to constantly be at the top of your game, be particularly sneaky and/or have an unlimited pool of resources that you can afford to have blacklisted to keep yourself employed.

So while I wouldn’t want to be a spammer for any amount of money, I can appreciate and respect their craft – as annoying as it might be.

And when I receive spam with the subject:

The Most Deadly Oral sex Combination You Have Never Heard Of

(which came through this-morning when I hit send/receive), I admire their craft even more. The email itself was crap, but I decided not to delete it based purely on how much the subject line made me laugh.

Have you ever received giggle-worthy spam like this?


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