White guys, peeing, twitter and some cool acrobatics


I’ve been meaning to do a proper blog post about stuff that has actually been happening lately, but everytime I sit down to write something I get distracted. So for now, I’ll just copy-and-paste a bunch of things that I’ve been sent recently.

During the week Vicky sent me a couple of things that were funny and useful.

The first one is Stuff White People Like, which is a site written by a white guy who points-out all sorts of things that white people like. In some respects, it’s kind-of-like reverse racism without any racial under-tones (other than the name and the constant mention of ‘White People’) but the guys quirky approach and accuracy with a lot of things that white people do generally like, well… it makes it somewhat accurate and an interesting read.

The other one she sent me was Run Pee – a site tells you the best times during popular block-buster movies to run out of the theatre / cinema to go and pee.

This dude can do some awesome acrobatics:

We all know how much I’ve been talking about Twitter lately, so here are a couple of fairly accurate clips of what Twitter is really like… although I love these clips and think they are sooo true, I still like Twitter:


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