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I haven’t done any posts in a while and it’s not because I’m dead – it’s just that the last few weeks have been a real rollercoaster ride – lots of stuff has been happening (both good and bad) and amongst all this, the usual everyday type stuff hasn’t stopped… so overall there’s a lot of big and small things I could blog about.

So, instead of overloading you with information and rubbish that you may or may not be interested in reading… I’d like to pose a few questions to my loyal readers:

  1. Would you like one long post outlining all the stuff that’s been happening … or
  2. A series of individual posts all published on the one day … or
  3. A series of individual posts spread-out over the space of a week or so (with a new post each day)

I’d also love some feedback on the types of stuff you like to read about and the stuff you think is just rubbish. Whilst I can’t really change the events that happen, the movies I watch, or funny emails or websites I find… I can always change what I post, so let me know what you like/dislike and I’ll see what I can do.



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  1. Just my 2c worth – if they’re related pop them on a single post (better for the search engines too). Bite size posts probably preferable to a three course meal – easier to digest! I guess my preference would be 2 (or 3 max) a day, that would give you the best chance of me reading them all anyway (FWIW). Just looked at my trends & I read 90 posts a day on average…

  2. Well id like to see individual posts spreadout over a week or so – even save a couple of them up for when you are being particuarly boring – then bring it out and pretend that you are being non-boring – we will be none the wiser 🙂 anyway pop us through an email at some stage as i cant rely on the posts to know how the hell you are these days 🙂

  3. On another note – if you are looking for something to blog about/get feedback on – how about ideas on sprucing up the look of your blog – not that im saying that it hasn’t served you well over the years (bloody hell ..years… has been going a while now hasn’t it) anyway a good referb might be in order – my 2 cents would be contrast the text to background colours as lime green and hot pink and replace the coffee cup image with one of an inflatable crocodile on some form of public transport ??? genius … pure genius … and i wont even charge you for the ideas – this one is a freebee mate.

  4. I would juts like a new blog….I can alwasy rely on you to give me some interesting news or information in a blog…so I am not really fused how you deliver it !!

  5. As it turns out I am apparently dyslexic so just read my last comment with the knowledge that I realise that !!

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