Happy Birthday DodgyPete.com


Ok, I’m a few days early, but wanted to get this written whilst it was fresh in my mind (otherwise I would completely forget).

On March 9, 2006 I thought it would be a nifty idea to start a blog. So I did and now, two years later, I’ve written 336 posts (337 if you count this one) and a total of 78031 words! This breaks-down to an average 14.6 posts per month, each consisting of 232 words per post.

I would never have kept blogging if it weren’t for the comments received (104 in total) and everyone who has followed the blog over the last couple of years.

Some of the more interesting traffic I’ve received as a result of some of the posts include:

  • People searching for ‘hairy cow’ which they never would have found if it weren’t for my buddy Con’s advice saying I should make the big picture of a coffee cup do something when clicked on… like, take you to a pic of a Scottish hairy cow.
  • Thanks to some old Chopper clips from the comedy show – Ronnie Johns Half Hour, I gained my first reader (Anne) that I had never met before nor had any prior association with. At that point, most of my readers (and probably still to this day) are mainly friends and family.
  • People searching for ascii hand, ascii pic, ascii hand pics… etc. relating to my post: Hand-drawn ascii pics
  • Each month I get a few searches relating to the pronunciation of hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
  • More disturbingly there seems to be people finding my site for the terms transsexuals, asian prostitutes and naked men… ok, I at least know how the naked men thing happened and it’s not what you’re probably thinking – Men don’t want to look at other naked men.
  • Line Rider is a flash game that still attracts the odd click or two (plus the game can be very addictive)
  • I get more clicks for Performance Plus Dance Centre (which is Kristy and Caleb’s dancing school) than the school’s actual website does.
  • For calling local entrepreneur Brad Sugars a dick, seems to keep bringing people back to DodgyPete as well… wonder who else I can insult to generate traffic?
  • My favorite search term has been best looking man in Brisbane (even though there’s no possible way I can back-up a claim like that)

And the big winner in terms of bring huge amounts of traffic to my site (and I honestly don’t know why because if you ask me, there are far more entertaining pics and posts) but it was this pic of diet water. Meg from blogpond.com.au submitted it to StumbleUpon and within hours my blog had hit 13,000 unique visits. The traffic has dropped back a bit, but I’m still receiving a few hundred of clicks each month directly from StumbleUpon thanks to a stupid picture.

If I didn’t start this blog, I would never have joined the Brisbane bloggers meetup group where I’ve met some very interesting people (and I’m heading off to another meetup tomorrow night with some of the guys I met through blogging).

As you can see, this simple little blog has a lot to answer for – so without further ado, Happy Birthday DodgyPete Blog!


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  1. Congratulations !!!!!

    Wow 78031 words – didn’t realise that you knew that many !! – how many is it when you take out all the filler words (“the, and, if, but”) 🙂 🙂

  2. I meant to drop by yesterday to say “happy blogiversary”! I guess it’s still the 9th somewhere in the world. Holy cow – 13,000 visits! Hope some of them stuck around 🙂

  3. Hiya Stranger….from the stranger…
    Have been busy over the last few months…. just was cleaning up my old computers bookmarks and found your blog address! so i had a read…i even got a mention!
    congrats on the new house – i never want to move again have been in the same house for five years (longest since moving out of home).

    Kind Regards,

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