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I was at a party on the weekend (I’ll share more about that in my next post as I have pictures etc.) and while at this party I had an opportunity to talk to one of the handful of people who actually read my random ramblings. Yes Vicky, that person was you.

I asked what she’d rather see on here – more regular posts (perhaps 3, 4 or more times per week) or the usual once a week update of what I’ve been up to.

Her response (and this is in no way intended to insinuate she doesn’t do any work because she does… and lots of it 🙂 ) was that she’d rather see lots of information posted on a regular basis because it’s more entertaining to read than online newspapers as her work blocks a majority of other sites on the net (somehow, mine has managed to slip through the cracks).

At first I thought this would be incredibly challenging because I don’t write anything of great importance anyway, so how was I going to increase the frequency… then I realised – I read a bunch of rubbish every day, so all I needed to do was keep a log of stuff I’ve read and then post it here. So here goes:

This lady has a magical vagina
Perfect tool for each time I make a bad joke
Tetris Furniture : Video Game Inspired Shelves, Sofas and Beds
Nothing new here, but spent some time on F*MyLife again (but it was semi-work related… really… you’ll see)
When all else fails, enjoy some lego mashup’s
I’m not really into home decor, architecture, yes, but interior design… not so much, but some of these Kitchen space saving ideas are pretty cool

So, if this is the type of thing you’d like to read on a regular basis, or conversely if you think this is the worst idea ever, let me know so I can maintain the few loyal readers I have 🙂


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  1. I felt since you mentioned me in your blog i best respond….All this is good but there is still the problem that if I click on ‘This lady has a magical vagina’ I am pretty sure it would cause major chaos for me and my computer privlidges so even though it’s great that I can still read your blog there may be a problem with fixing my boredom if I can’t actually look at the external sites you post.

    But in saying that don’t let my misfortunes interupt others fortunes in being able to access what they llike when they like.

    P.S. I am a very busy person I just wanted to clarify that since I think you may be sneakly trying to insinuate other wose 🙂 (jokes I promise)…but I really am busy !!

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