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Last time I wrote, we were in the midst of setting-up a new server and due to life’s distractions, I didn’t get back to the blog officially until now.

Unofficially I’ve started writing a few times but didn’t think the words were suitable; or complete; or entertaining; or a plethora of other unsubstantiated reasons floating around my head.

I even got so excited earlier in the year when I stumbled across Ghost – an awesome new blogging platform that I contributed to its development. I figured that once it was released I’d use that to kick-start my blogging again… but it’s still not quite there yet.

So I figured, I could continue waiting for the right time… or I could just start writing.

As a lot has happened since I last filled this screen with words, it’s probably a good time to set the scene and re-introduce myself and the main characters that will be part of this narrative.

I’m Pete. Less dodgy than I have previously been dubbed, but certainly sarcastic, somewhat inappropriate, quite geeky and an occasional dabbler in areas that some would consider a teensy bit taboo.

On a more serious note, I run a web hosting and internet marketing business. It’s taken some time, but over the last decade, my business partner, G, and I have built an awesome little team, a decent client-base and a solid, reliable network (backed by our uber awesome support of course). More recently we’ve moved office into a large funky space that we share with a very savvy online entrepreneur and close friend dating back to my highschool days.

The homestead is about 5Km’s from the Brisbane CBD in a little old Queenslander cottage. It’s been an ongoing work-in-progress for a few years and is half-owned by my beautiful, wonderful, amazing partner – E.

We live there with her two kids, who spend half the week, and every second weekend, with us and the other half with their father – E’s ex. He’s not a bad guy, but has a knack for making things a little difficult for us at times and I’m sure he thinks we do the same to him.

Thrown into this crazy mix is my own non-biological step-son from my previous relationship who comes over and spends a night with us each week.

We also have a cat named Ewok and a retarded dog – MacFlorence. I often get in trouble for calling the dog retarded, but when E rescued her from the side of the road, it looked like she had been hit and sustained a head injury, so she is likely legitimately a little retarded. That, and the fact that she does stupid stuff all the time.

The topics that will likely grace these pages will include things like places we go (both E and I love exploring new bars, restaurants, cafés etc.), movies and tv we like to watch, games I like to play, bands we’ve seen and a bunch of random internet stuff I find.

There’ll also be a guest post showing-up soon to help promote a friends site as well. But other than that, it’ll all be me and my bad jokes.

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